Kavitsu Bearing

Our Motto:

To become a globally competitive engineering industry while working as an instrument for achieving self-reliance in design,manufacture and maintenance of Kavitsu products and diversifying to related areas ,managing the business on commercial lines in a climate of growing professional competence

Kavitsu Slew ring bearings represent a technical marvel in the fields of  Mechanical power transmission systems.  Kavitsu is a pioneer in  manufacturing and supplying of planetary gear systems and allied products for last 22 years. This field is a totally diverse field thank what Kavitsu was doing previously. We serve huge industry requirement for construction machinery, tower cranes, truck mounted cranes, boom cranes, robotics and so on; the applications are endless.

We are proud to be one of India’s few slew ring bearing manufacturers who have developed these products indigenously. We can guarantee that our slew ring bearings match global standards and are competitively priced.

Our constant endeavor on bringing world class facilities to Indian market has helped us very well. A huge number of satisfied customers are  witnesses of this achievement. We will continue to strive hard and focus on continuous research and development of our products from making them one of the best in the market today. Kavitsu Slew ring bearings and slew drives will continue to grow in the domestic as well as Global markets. They will not only be limited to new but also cater to the spare markets.