Dual Axis Solar Tracker

Solar Tracker: Solar trackers are devices used to orient photovoltaic panels, reflectors, lenses or other optical procedure toward the sun. Since the sun’s position in the sky changes with the seasons and the time of day, trackers are used to align the collection system to maximize energy manufacture.

What is a dual-axis solar tracker?

The dual-axis tracking device tracks the sun to collect more solar energy. According to the type of axis, the dual-axis tracking device can be divided into two types: polar-axis tracking and altitude-azimuth tracking. Polar-axis tracking is also called spinning-elevation tracking. Solar trackers are of two types, single and dual axis trackers. Single axis trackers track in a singular way i.e. follows the Sun’s East-West
or North-South progress, while Dual axis tracking has two degrees of freedom. This means that they have both a horizontal and a vertical axis i.e. both the east/west axis and the north/south axis and thus they can track the sun’s entire motion in the sky. These trackers hence have the potential to maximize the total power output by orienting the panels in direct sunlight for the maximum number of hours in a day. A dual axis solar panel generates up to 40% more electricity than a static type, but costs 100% more and has larger maintenance costs. The amount of energy spent externally to orient the solar panel must be deducted from the total quantity of energy produced in order to accurately gauge the energy produced by the panels.

How the dual axis tracker works:

There are three means of changing a solar tracker’s position:

Applications of Dual Axis Solar Tracking System

Advantages and Disadvantages:

There are some advantages and disadvantages of dual tracking, which is why even if they can be used at
all latitudes but still they have not found widespread business application. Advantages of dual axis
trackers include:

Disadvantages of dual axis trackers include:

Future Scope:

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