What is Double row ball Slewing bearing?

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What is Double row ball Slewing bearing?

Same Diameter Balls with Double-row Ball Slewing Ring With compact construction, the double row ball slewing ring bearing decreases the diameter of increasing holes in the inner and outer ring and increases the loading capability. Double-row Ball Slewing Ring with Similar Diameter Balls with Inner Gear.

The advantages of double-row ball bearings

What is the use of double ball bearing?

Double bearing, the number of columns in the rolling body is 2, this type of double bearing can bear two-way axial load while bearing circular load and can limit the axial movement of the shaft and housing in the axial permission range of the bearing.


Double row ball slewing bearing

The LYC double-row ball slewing bearing can bring axial load, sloping moment and radial loads at the same time. The top ball mostly carries the axial load and positive leaning moment. The drop ball takes the opposite leaning moment. This is the cause for the loading capacity of the double row ball slewing bearing being bigger than the four-point contact ball slewing bearing.however, the frictional percentage is much larger. than the latter. The LYC double row ball slewing bearing contains of a inner ring, outer ring, balls in double rows, spacers, sealing device, and other components. Due to the top ball mostly taking the axial load and leaning moment loads, the size of top balls are larger than the drop ball. In order to quarter the various working condition at different axial load, leaning moments and axial load, the angle of contact would be adjusted accordingly. The rings structure can be separated into two types, essential type and split type. Generally, the essential type maintains a stronger inflexibility. The split type is more convenient to adjust; the two separate rings are fastened by bolts prior to delivery. The LYC double row slewing bearing has cages between the balls. Only when large loading is demanded would the full ball type be applied. Loading capacity for full ball type is absolutely bigger. However, the increased friction produced by this design allows for the balls to be easily scratched. The double row slewing bearing is mainly for the working conditions when carrying an axial load, larger leaning moment, and where the mounting place is limited in radial way. This structure provides good presentation when fit into an installation when an amount of distortion may be acceptable.

What is a slewing bearing used for?

A slewing bearing is a piece of hardware used to enable round movement, usually of a large device such as a crane. The term “slew” means to turn without changing location, so a slewing bearing is one that will not change out of place but will instead enable movement while in one place.

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