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Slew bearing repair

Slew bearing repair is one of the services Kavitsu has been providing since many years.

Refurbishing means to recondition, or in simple terms here, to overhaulWhen cost is a major factor and there are budget constraints, refurbishing an item can help you use it until you have suitable budget. That is where our slew bearing repair comes into the picture.

slew bearing repair service

Mr. Vasant Phadtare, CEO Kavitsu, standing with refurbished bearing

So now, how is this term related to slew bearing repair service. Well, what if I say Slew bearing repair you can save as much as 60% as compared to buying a new bearing? A new bearing for e.g. Costs you $100, a refurbished, almost working like a new can cost you just $40. Sounds like a deal?

Now, how does slew bearing repair process work ?

  1. Send the slew bearing to be refurbished to our factory.
  2. We will open it carefully, it is your property after all, and we have just taken it for repairing.
  3. We will clean it thoroughly. A bearing is used in variety of environmental conditions and to check it properly, it has to be cleaned.
  4. We will inspect it, every nook and corner has to be checked for damage.
  5. After we have inspected it properly, we conclude if the slew ring bearing is repairable or not. Sometimes, the damage is far beyond repair, like broken teeth, damaged races (to some extent they can be repaired), some bearings even change their shape after hours of operation.
  6. Finally, we give a suitable quote to you for approval.

How the slew bearing repair works:


The bearing comprises of two races, inner race and outer race. Both of the races undergo turning process on our VTL.

Slewing bearing turning

Groove grinding:

The grooves of inner race and outer race are then subjected to grinding for polishing the inner surfaces. Over the time, the groove gets degraded and this process is most essential.

Induction heat treatment:

The groove of the races are then heat treated in the induction heat treatment machine as the hardness decreases after grinding. To ensure maximum reliability, this process is crucial.

Induction hardening Kavitsu

Since majority of times, the groove dimensions change due to heavy usage, it is necessary to get the rolling elements such as spherical balls or rollers changed as per the new dimensions. Also, the cages which support the rolling elements have to be changed.

Slew bearing raceway

After all the components are reassembled, final testing is done to ensure everything is working great.
The client is notified of the refurbishment and inspection is arranged.

Slewing bearing ispection

Some of the slew bearings are simply out of repair. The picture below shows a heavily degraded slew bearing race. It is out of repair ability. So we suggest our client to  buy a new race, keeping other components intact.

Damaged raceway

Till date we have provided slew bearing repair service to a couple of thousand slew ring bearings and there has not been a single failure. It is our duty to provide our clients with best possible service in least possible duration.

Slewing bearing repairs

In case you need to avail our slew bearing repair service, please fill in the enquiry form below.