Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing

Double row slew ring bearing

Double row ball Slewing bearing

Slewing ring bearing by Kavitsu is an example of highest quality standards. These eight point double row ball slew bearings are manufactured using precise machinery. The specially designed CNC groove grinding machine ensures perfect 8 point ball contact is maintained, which in turn makes sure that the slew bearing has higher life. Our range for single row ball starts at 400 mm and goes up to 3200 mm.

” We are proud to be one of India’s few slew ring bearing manufacturers who have developed these products indigenously. We can guarantee that our slew ring bearings match global standards and are competitively priced. “

Double row slew ring bearing
Double row slew ring bearing

Slewing Ring Bearing Details:


Double row ball slew bearing comes in three various types.

  1. Double row ball slewing ring bearing ungeared
  2. Double row ball slewing ring bearing external geared
  3. Double row ball slewing ring bearing internal geared

This type of slewing ring bearing is generally chosen where there are heavy loads as compared to single row bearing.  The ball size for this type of bearing varies from 30mm to 50mm.By using proper software and research, the ball size is chosen, which ensures proper selection of axial load and torque. The material selection is done based on the input parameters and the requirement of the customer. The material that is used in this type is generally 42CrMO or C45.  Sometimes, for boom cranes and tower cranes, the material required is 50Mn.  The balls are made of High chromium steel, generally denoted by 100Cr6 and the cages are made of either nylon 6 or nylon 66 depending on the load conditions. Such type of slewing ring bearing are usually used where the static load is high and the installation space is limited. The applications for such types of slew ring bearings are:

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