Slew ring bearings, a niche product very few manufacturers manufacture in India, is manufactured in Kavitsu. Our new plant, Kavitsu Robotronix Pvt. Ltd. is a dedicated setup for building high quality slew ring bearings.

Slew ring bearing Kavitsu

So, how we actually manage to make the slew ring bearings so reliable?

Well, years of research and design, calculations, hard work has helped us achieve this. But, will these theoretical values help in achieving the highest standards of quality and reliability for the slew ring bearings? Well, the answer is NO. You simply cannot boast the achievements without practically putting them to use.

Single row ball Slew ring bearing
Slew ring bearing

So, how we did it?

Our facility, Kavitsu Robotronix Pvt. Ltd., a state-of-the-art facility located in Satara, India, has the best machines available in the market today. The CNC VTL’s, the custom built CNC groove grinding machine, the induction heat treatment facility, all help us in getting what he had actually dreamt of, a final product which can withstand absolutely any environment, be it heat, mud, water, anything. We have physically tested the bearings for continuous 40000 life cycles and have inferred that the bearings can easily pass such tests without breaking a sweat.

Details about our company:

Turning Facility

We have 3 VTL’s, 1 x 3200mm, 2 x 1800mm. All are CNC retrofitted for high precision. Our CNC VTL takes care of smaller jobs up to 800mm.


Groove grinding facility:

A custom built groove grinding machine specially designed to suit our needs is a complete CNC machine. Precise grooves are achieved with the help of this machine. Procurement of 2 more such machines is underway.

Gear cutting facility

Gear shaper for 3000 mm diameter helps us to produce external as well as internal geared slew ring bearings.

Gear shaper 3000mm

Induction heat treatment facility

Induction hardening machine, specially imported from Italy, ensures correct hardness is maintained wherever needed. The pictures and videos for the same can be found as below.

Induction hardening Kavitsu