Top 5 Benefits of Using Combined Bearings in Machinery

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What is Combined Bearing Technology?

Combined bearings are roller bearings that can carry both radial and axial loads. The structure of combined bearing is in such a way that the axial and radial bearing operate at 900. The main load is carried by the radial bearing whereas the axial bearing takes the side thrust. The combined bearing is used with profile rails or channels. There are two main types of profiles, I and C profiles. The combined bearing slides into the profile rail resulting in the required linear motion. The combined bearing is welded with flange plate for the mounting required as per the need of the application. This assembly is majorly used for heavy duty vertical and horizontal movement with precision. 

The Advantages of Combined Bearings in Machinery

Enhanced Durability and Load Capacity

Combined bearings offer a unique advantage in machinery by combining the functions of both radial and axial bearings. This integration results in increased durability and load- capacity, as the bearings are designed to handle both radial and axial loads simultaneously. By utilizing combined bearings, machinery can operate more efficiently and maintain higher levels of performance over an extended period.

Improved Precision and Stability

Another benefit of using combined bearings in machinery is the enhanced precision and stability they provide. The design of combined bearings allows for smoother operation and reduced vibration, resulting in improved overall performance. This increased precision is crucial in machinery where accuracy is paramount, ensuring that operations run smoothly and without disruptions.

Cost-Efficiency and Space Optimization

Utilizing combined bearings in machinery can also lead to cost-efficiency and space optimization. By combining the functions of two separate bearings into one, manufacturers can reduce the number of components needed in a machine, leading to cost savings and a more compact design. This optimization of space is particularly beneficial in machinery where size constraints are a consideration.

Versatility and Adaptability

Combined bearings offer a high level of versatility and adaptability in machinery applications. Their ability to handle both radial and axial loads makes them suitable for a wide range of machinery types and operating conditions. This versatility allows manufacturers to use combined bearings in various applications, simplifying the design process and reducing the need for multiple types of bearings.

Reduced Maintenance and Downtime

One of the key benefits of using combined bearings in machinery is the potential for reduced maintenance and downtime. The durability and reliability of combined bearings mean that they require less frequent maintenance compared to traditional bearings. This reduced maintenance schedule can result in decreased downtime for machinery, leading to increased productivity and cost savings in the long run.

What are the selection parameters for combined bearings?

The following are the basic selection parameters.

  • Load Capacity – This is the load to be carried and the dead load (weight)
  • Load Distance – The distance of load from the suspension point
  • Bearing Distance – The distance between the combined bearings in the assembly. (the recommended distance is 500-1000 mm)
  • Size Range – The combined bearings can be selected based on the O.D. The O.D. typically ranges from 52.5 mm to 153.8. The O.D. of jumbo bearings ranges from 180 mm to 320 mm.
  • Apart from these basic parameters, other considerations such as in-situ application requirement, workplace environment and temperature etc. also need to be considered.

Who are the leading supplier manufacturers of combined bearings?

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